NBCA chooses to keep a low student-teacher ratio in order to meet and maintain our goals and standards, believing that our students and their academic education & Christian-based training come first. NBCA views its teachers, staff, and students as “family” and strives to provide the best possible private school in our area. All of our teachers are A Beka trained and held to a high standard of exhibiting a godly lifestyle whether at school or in our community.


Even during these uncertain economic times we have a high return rate! We believe this is an excellent reflection of how our families feel about continuing to entrust their child’s education to NBCA.


We have a ZERO tolerance for bullying and harassment and operate with a safe learning environment. The atmosphere of our school is one that has engaging & inviting classroom instruction, fun events throughout the year, while maintaining a peaceful and calm environment.


We are the “best kept secret” in education in the area! We want to “share the secret” with all families looking for a godly and safe environment for their child’s learning experience.



We believe in not only offering our students a top-notch education through the exclusive use of the A Beka curriculum, but also endeavor that each student experience God’s saving grace, through Jesus Christ. Daily Bible classes are held first thing each morning expounding on Biblical stories and the principles found therein, along with memorizing scripture. We hold weekly age-appropriate chapel services for two age groups, K3-6th and 7th-12th and invite our parents to attend as often as they are able.



Students desiring organized team sports are able to become involved through local private organizations that we have partnered with; most of which are Christian-based. More information can be obtained by contacting NBCA.



Our tuition for 2018-2019 is based on a 10-month payment plan (Aug-May) and rates begin at $330 for 1 student, with a discount applied for each additional student in the family.  The Book/Supply fee covers not only books, tests, quizzes, and workbooks, but covers ALL student school supplies as well! This fee varies by grade and can be obtained by either calling the office or checking the brochure link below. In addition, we never charge our families a maintenance fee for the grounds or building upkeep; nor do we require participation in any of our fundraisers, but we do encourage students and their families to be involved.  If everyone does a little, it helps a lot!


Mission Statement:

New Beginning Christian Academy exists to assist parents in their God-given responsibility of educating their children in evangelism, Christian training, along with a solid academic foundation. Students will learn to know the Lord personally and learn the Word of God so they can grow spiritually.



It is our purpose to integrate and harmonize faith, culture and learning, all the while underscoring that God is the author of all truth.



To enable young people to face life with a Christ-like character centered on a sound Biblical foundation and a solid education.