The Cross That Heals:

Humanity is in a terrible condition! This condition is described by God in many different terms: fallen, broken, wayward, lost, blind, deceived, and corrupt. But one description which is particularly graphic is that we are deathly sick; not just physically, but emotionally, morally, and spiritually sick.

The prophet Isaiah uses the condition of sickness to describe, not only humanity in general, but also those who were supposed to be the people of God when he said of Israel that their "...whole head is sick, and the whole heart faint. From the sole of the foot even to the head, there is no soundness in it, but bruises and sores and raw wounds; they are not pressed out or bound up or softened with oil."(Isa.1:5b-6) ESV. This describes an unhealthy body that is on its way to death. It isn't recovering or even being medically treated. This is the effect of sin. It destroys, wounds, infects, and cripples us.

And it isn't just effecting people out in the world, it hurts many who are called by the name of the Lord. Many believers feel that even though they have trusted in Christ and repented of their sin, that they are still troubled by this sickness. They struggle with the virus of condemnation and the paralyzing power of sin that keeps them from running after Christ.

But praise God, there is an answer; a definite and effective answer; one that has never failed; and one which God desires to give us. God is not like many people who wish to give us their diagnosis of what is wrong with us, but have no answer for how we are to be cured. He comes to us as the good physician, with love in His eyes, and a balm in his hands. He has not only the will, but also the wherewithal to say unto us "rise, take up your bed, and walk"! 

After Isaiah has given his vivid diagnosis of Israel's condition, he then turns to give his prescription for their healing, a coming Savior. He is the answer for a sick humanity! This coming Savior is described as a suffering servant. We are promised that this holy One will suffer for our sins and "by his wounds/stripes we are healed"(Isa.53:5). 

Hallelujah! There is a healing. There is a remedy; a treatment; a cure. It is the cross of Jesus Christ. His stripes have absorbed our disease that it might be removed from us. This disease of sin and iniquity - which wreaked havoc upon our souls, was remedied when it was placed upon Jesus, and the antibodies of His holiness, purity and glory attacked it and created an immunity to its power. That immunity is shared with us because we have become "members of His body"(Eph.5:30). As members of his body, we are whole because He is whole.

This sounds simple - too simple even. But it is the plan of God. And I ask you today, are you willing to be healed? Will you trust the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Will you walk in faith today in the power of the blood of Jesus to deliver you from the guilt and the power of sin? I encourage you to look intently at every sickness infecting your soul, and declare "the blood of Jesus has defeated you". Resolve in your heart that "I am healed in Christ. I am alive in His grace, and I will not die. I will not live spiritually sick, tired, and defeated. Jesus came that I might have life and life more abundantly, and no anger, lust, pride, worldliness, un-forgiveness, self pity, or doubt will keep me from having it. I am healed by the power of the cross"! 

Brandon Trott