Meet our Ministry Team...




Brandon & Tessa Trott

Senior Pastor

Brandon Trott is our Senior Pastor here at New Beginning Fellowship Church and also serves as the Principal for New Beginning Christian Academy, our school that teaches children from the age of three all the way up through high school.

His focus is to prioritize Jesus as the center and focus of the church, teach the word of God clearly and with authority, and to train God’s people for the work of the ministry as they live out God’s calling for their lives.

Brandon is married to Tessa and they have four children.


Daniel & JoAnna Pina

Assistant Pastor

Daniel is the assistant pastor and the outreach director here at New Beginning.

JoAnna is our women's prayer meeting director. They gather together and pray for the needs of the church, our community, and specific needs that are brought to our attention.




Joe & Sandy Fontenot


Joe and Sandy serve as Deacons.



Aaron & Kelly Menard


Aaron and Kelly serve the church body as deacons, and they are the Children's Pastors for those 4-10 years of age. 

Kelly leads our women's ministry and organizes the women's events that we have every 4-6 weeks. 


James & Dacia Thibodeaux


James and Dacia serve as deacons.


Worship Leaders


Rene & Susie Armentor

Rene and Susie serve as our Worship Pastors. They are responsible for leading worship in our services and discipling and cultivating musical/vocal talents in others for the glory of God and the ministry to the body of Christ. 


Ministry Leaders


Kim & Steve Fuchs

Kim is the secretary for the church and also the office administrator for our school, New Beginning Christian Academy.  


Andy & Susan Kober

Andy and Susan direct our Jubilee fellowship for those 50 years old and up.